What is SEO text?

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What is SEO text?

SEO-text is a text that is designed according to the rules of search marketing. The keys are entered, the structure and quality of the content is kept at a good level.

The most important thing for a search engine is content. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the textual content of the site where key queries are found. According to these words, potential customers find sites by driving a search query into the search engine.

After the visitor enters the request, the search engine gives him the most suitable pages of sites under his request.

“Promote” the site in the TOP10 – The main task of any SEO. How well the SEO texts of the site will be worked out depend on its position on key queries.

Good and bad SEO texts

Not so long ago, Google search engines were well received and given to the first page positions “spammed” by keywords.
Now the situation has changed, and search engines pay attention to the quality of the content. Learn more about what SEO content are.

A bad SEO-text search engine does not allow in the TOP. The site may be penalized for re-spamming and manipulating search engines.
The page may fall into the “bad” Google index or not be indexed at all.

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Every SEO author should know this.

Do not use often complex sentences
Complex sentences should be diluted simple.
SEO texts are written not only for search engines but also for site visitors. Your visitors should not have difficulty in perceiving the material.

The topic should be fully disclosed.

If a person is looking for “what is website promotion” – it is from your article that he should learn what it is.
Learn how search engines work and what principles of ranking documents apply. A visitor to your site should understand why some sites are in the TOP and others are not visible. Learn more about what social networks are.

Quality criteria

The minimum desirable volume of the article is 3000 characters.
The minimum uniqueness of the text – from 95%.
The presence of “water” in the document should not exceed 50%.
The number of stop words – up to 10%, spam – up to 50%.
Science – up to 15%.

The text should not be spammed

This applies to keys and any other words. Check frequently used words in the text for frequency. If in one paragraph you meet the same word 2, 3 or more times – you need to revise the spelling of the text and remove unnecessary words.

Water is the ratio of stop words to their total number in the document.

Stop words are words that do not carry meaning.

Science – the ratio of the number of all words to the text.

These characteristics of the document you can analyze using the services on the Internet.

We must say that these indicators are floating and highly dependent on the theme of your site. So just try not to overdo the keys and monitor the quality of the material.

How to enter key requests

Each article should have an attractive title (title).
The most important SEO key must be mentioned in the title. Perhaps the use of various declensions.

Key inquiries should appear in the subtitles.

Any search query (preferably a tweeter) must meet in the first and last paragraphs.
Keys fit into the body of the article harmoniously. The reader should not stumble upon them while studying the material.


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