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Our SERM Services

It is simple to order SERM services, just leave a request and subsequently agree on a work plan. Reputation marketing is one of the most powerful tool to influence your target audience.


The network reputation management service includes the following steps:

We conduct a free SERM audit and track all references to your company or brand on the Internet.
We are developing a strategy and methods for SERM online reputation management. We agree on a work plan and cost with the customer.
If necessary we register your company’s website in city and regional directories maps, catalogs to post positive information on behalf of your potential customers.

We promote the necessary sites with information about your company on the Internet in the TOP 10 Google search engine.
If there are negative reviews about your company we push them out of the reach of your potential customers by publishing only good or neutral reviews. If necessary we respond to negative reviews.

We carry out control and monitoring of the necessary sites so that when a negative occurs actively enter into work.

Upon completion of the planned work, after 30 days, we provide you with a detailed report on the work performed.

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Why do you need SERM service

  1.  Your company is discussed on the Internet in a negative way.
  2. They don’t write about your organization on the Internet.
  3. Competitors attack you.
  4. You will launch a new product on the market.
  5. You are looking for new ways of development.

In today’s world, where everything is before the eyes of search engines it’s very easy to lose your reputation if you don’t control it.

After all, our reputation is what others say about us! 


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