Double pages and their impact on website promotion

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Double pages and their impact on website promotion

During website promotion, it is important to pay attention to this parameter, the number of duplicates or the number of duplicate pages. This indicator affects search promotion.

But as?
Let’s see.

What are doubles pages?

Duplicate pages are those pages that have the same information and are available at several different URLs.

Duplicate pages are those pages that have the same information and are available at several different URLs.

Also, if the same content is placed on different pages of the site, then such pages are considered duplicate.

If duplicate pages are located on the same site, they are called internal.

If the information on the pages fully coincides and its uniqueness is 0%, then duplicates are called complete or clear.
But when only a partial match is found, this is an incomplete duplicate.

What is bad about these duplicate PAGES?

Duplicate pages hurt website promotion in search engines. Having the same information leads to a decrease in position.

In some cases, it is possible to remove a site from a search index and impose sanctions.

The greater the number of duplicates on the site, the more serious the loss will be. You will lose incoming traffic will decrease search ranking. Several other important indicators will also suffer.

Doubles may arise from the desire to get more free and cheap traffic.

Many webmasters intentionally place the same information on several pages to get more links and referrals.

Also, duplicate pages may appear due to the peculiarities of the CMS, as a result of errors and carelessness when working with the site.

How to work with owl pages?

You can not leave doubles without attention. Search engines will find such pages and impose certain sanctions on the resource.

If you do not want to lose a good position in the issue and fall into disfavour of search engines, you will need to work with takes and regularly monitor their appearance.

Search engines are struggling with low-quality sites. The presence of non-unique content and the same content pages with different addresses indicates a low quality of the web resource and illegal actions on the part of the site owner.

Duplicate pages must be identified and deleted.

It is desirable to completely save the site from duplicate content or to close these texts from indexing.

A very important parameter is the number of duplicate pages, you can lose position in the issue and lose valuable traffic and income.

To avoid this, it is necessary to conduct a regular audit of the site, identifying and eliminating duplicate content.

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